Enforcer two way Wireless Technology

The multi-award winning Enforcer two-way wireless technology provides the simple installation of a wireless system with security and the dependability of a system that is wired.

Realtime signing

Each apparatus learned on the system is both a transmitter and a receiver to ensure messages like unset and set, tamper cause or supervision, are received by every device in real-time.

Signal Strength Indicators (SSI)

Jamming Detection

Protected Wireless Signal

Furthermore, 128-bit encryption provides powerful protection of signals being transmitted by the device and prevents code grabbing. This gives the wireless BUS a quite high level of protection, ensuring peace of mind for users and installers.

Exceptional Signal Variety

The high sensitivity receiver lets a wireless signal range of up to 300m in open space, removing the need for repeaters and reducing setup costs.

Battery life that is lengthy

The two-way wireless keyfobs can control automation outputs as well as signal when the system unset or is set or when it really is in alarm, while two-way device control from the control panel enables the immediate wake-up or sleep of apparatus, which conserves battery while maintaining elevated degrees of security.

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