Fever Solutions

Fever Monitoring Solutions

In these disturbing times, we are here to help your business or site get back on track.

Be in control and monitor the health of your employees and customers.

Access control monitoring gives you a great benefit of preventing the spread of viruses and illnesses at your workplace.

In conclusion that gives you a greater chance for your operation to continue with no interruptions and financial loss.

Contact us directly and our technical engineer will design system suited for your premises at no additional charge.

Access Control Terminal

Terminal with body temperature screening preventing access to people with fever, facial mask check is optional.

Visual Automated Queue Management

Visual flow control solution. Available for schools, GP & dental practices, shops, malls, supermarkets etc

Body Temperature Screening + Metal Detector Door

Great way to control health and secure your premises or event at the same time.

Face Recognition Cameras

Single or multiple facial recognition cameras. Works with single face database across multiple sites and notifies your guards when unwanted person is in the area.

Body Temperature Cameras

Scans up to 30 people per second. Can be linked with access control system to trigger door.

No touch exit button

Contact less button is the most hygienic way of door opening in current times.