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Aside from the fact that home security systems protect your valuables, there are countless of other benefits you can derive from a secured home. According to the Electronic Security Association, nine out of ten burglars will pass up a house if they know the house is armed with a security system. It also helps to protect other homes in the neighborhood especially if multiple homes have security systems. It makes individual homes less vulnerable to thieves and burglars.


A security alarm is a system designed to detect intrusion and unauthorized entry into your home or public area. If you have experienced theft, a break-in, vandalism or other forms of intrusion and property damage or you merely want to prevent them from happening, security alarm systems may be the right choice for you. It’s vital to protect your home and business with a variety of intruder alarms, surveillance equipment sensors and controlled entry systems. They help you to build a secure and reliable home.

Research has shown that homes with a security system are less likely to be burglarized than those without them. There are two types of alarm systems, wired and wireless. Both offer just enough security to dissuade a thief. The term wired and wireless alarm systems typically describe two parts of an alarm system – the hardware and the monitoring services. One of the most significant differences between the wired and the wireless alarm systems is the cost. Wired security systems tend to cost less and come with fewer security components than wireless systems. Wired security consoles need a professional installer to bypass any electrical outlet and hand-wire your security consoles and sensors into the wiring system of your home, making it a permanent fixture.

Most wired security alarm systems are compatible with wireless components such as door sensors, motion sensors, and surveillance cameras. This implies that you can easily set up a basic wired system quickly. Add extra security features as your budget permits. One of the best features of a wired alarm system is that they don’t require batteries so you don’t have to worry about changing them frequently to stay connected and maintenance cost is reduced to the minimum.

Why You Should Install a Wired Alarm System in Hempstead

Wireless alarm systems are mobile, so you can easily take your security system with you when you relocate to another home. It is also easier to place them in hard-to-reach places since they don’t depend on wires to work properly. They are often pre-programmed, so your home is secured as soon as they are installed. They don’t necessarily need a professional to handle installations as most of them can be bought over the shelf and installed using a screwdriver. Wireless alarms are also useful whenever the power supply goes out because they rely on battery power.

A Wired or Wireless alarm system from DC Solutions can effectively protect your home.
Security systems ensure against break-ins especially in combination with basic security if you reside in Hemel Hempstead.

Thanks to the intelligent software, hardware and alarm systems from the creative team at DC Security Solutions, you will be able to install the ideal security management systems for commercial and private use in Hempstead, whether against intrusion, fire or other hazards.

Security System Installers – Hemel Hempstead

DC Solutions design and maintain various security systems including CCTV, Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms, Video, and Door Entry Systems. As CCTV Installers we provide our services around Hemel Hempstead area.

As CCTV Installers we provide our services around Hemel Hempstead area but not only.

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Therefore we do serve domestic properties as well as commercials including warehouses, car garages, offices, restaurants, shops, and many others.

We know how hard these days is to find the right contractor, that is why we have prepared for you our tailored service. DC Solutions will quote each job separately make sure all security measures meet the project budget and are optimized to the maximum.

Authorized Official Hikvision Associate Installer ( certificate will be present upon request )

As a result experience we have gained during years in the trade, let us offer you fully compliant installations!

Our stock is always original and comes from official UK distribution.

Therefore We always make sure that remote control software we offer with equipment support both Android and Apple/Mac platforms!

CCTV Installations Hemel Hempstead
– Upgrade Analog CCTV to TurboHD+
– IP / Cloud Recording Full HD Hikvision Systems
– Remote Live Viewing and Remote History Check

– Intruder Alarms

– Fire Alarms

– Video and Door Entry

– Electrical work

– IT Support

– and much more!

In addition, DC Solutions helps people across Hemel Hempstead to protect their properties and their loved ones using most advanced solutions available on the market!

Taking care of all aspects of your security project! Including installation, design, maintenance, monitoring or takeover.

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