Catching a suspect!

A picture or video recording of the suspect can make a huge difference when it comes to making an arrest and getting dangerous criminals off the street. There are known cases where CCTV or Alarm Equipment was low quality or installed by non-professionals often it led to not getting compensation from the insurance companies or not even revealing crucial details, that is why it is so important to choose only insurance approved original equipment and certified installers.

Importance of CCTV Installations

A CCTV (Closed-circuit Television) security system is the most cost-effective way to provide security in any city, from businesses to private homes. Crimes can be brought to a minimal with CCTV security or video surveillance systems. They prove themselves as the best form of investment as soon as they are installed. It provides a full view of your premises and real-time recording as well as remote online access by security agents. This lowers the risks and prevents costly incidents such as burglary, intrusion, vandalism, etc.

England is facing a national security crisis because front-line police are being cash-starved. Luton has the third worst gun crime statistics and the fifth for knife robbery. Councils, law enforcement agencies and security management in Luton rely heavily on CCTV as a tool for fighting crime.

CCTV Camera Selection - Types

  • DS-2CE56H1T-IT3E
    Turret Camera

    Turret Camera

  • null
    Dome Camera

    Dome Camera

  • null
    Bullet Camera

    Bullet Camera

  • null
    PTZ Camera

    PTZ(Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Camera

Wireless House Alarm

Wireless Burglar Alarms are the perfect choice for those who need quick installation with a cableless installation. Battery Powered Sensors and Siren saves the effort of running and hiding wires.

Wired House Alarm

Wired installations are recommended for new house build or refurbishments due to an easy way of hiding cables. Also if you now have the old type of wired alarm we can upgrade it to a brand new system that would meet current criteria of intrusion prevention.

Protecting your family, home & business

Wireless Peripherals

Wired Peripherals

The award-winning two-way wireless control panel

The award-winning two-way wireless control panel offers a wide range of security and safety peripherals to keep your home and family safe, such as motion detectors, shock sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. With its ability to sync with up to 32 wireless and a further 34 wired devices, you can easily add a multitude of devices, while its innovative wireless technology means the entire system can be fitted without having to redecorate after laying cables and wires.

Hybrid: The ultimate in flexibility & peace of mind

Coupling your Euro 46 security system with a wireless expander, allows your home security system to utilise wireless detectors and safety sensors alongside the traditional wired ones. Ideal to protect external buildings on your property or into places where installing a wired sensor could prove to be problematic.

Control Your Home Security
From Anywhere In The World

With the HomeControl+ App linked with the PyronixCloud,
you can set and unset your system, watch live video
streaming, get system status and receive notification of any
event in the palm of your hand from anywhere.
Available on Android™ from the Google Play store, and on
iOS™ from the Apple App store.

Power Saving Peripherals

Each wireless device on the system ‘sleeps’ to conserve
battery power when the system is not active. When the
battery is running low the device will inform you of when it
is time to replace the battery. This ensures that the system is
always kept operational.

Methods of Setting/Unsetting

You can set or unset your security system in a number of
different ways; via the HomeControl+ App on your smart
device, from a remote keyfob, by entering a code on a
keypad or by presenting a prox tag to a reader.


The HomeControl+ system allows you to receive custom
push notifications. Now you can tailor the system so you
know when it is set, unset or tripped, or even to find out
when your children are home safe from school.

Viewing Your Home

By adding the Hikvision Cameras to your system
you can view live HD video streams of your home, garage
or garden from anywhere in the world. Simply open your
Hik-Connect App and through the internal pan and tilt or
external static video cameras, you can check on an elderly
relative, your pets or just look around your property whenever
you want.

Independent Areas

These provide easier control of outbuildings, garages and
sheds, as they allow you to set and unset areas of the system
in isolation rather than as a whole.

Electrical Services

  • LED Office Lights
  • LED External Lights
  • PIR Flood Lights
  • Sockets
  • Distribution boards

Hikvision WiFi Video DoorBell

Hikvision WiFi DoorBell
Hikvision WiFi DoorBell is a great alternative to popular TV advertised Ring system. Features Hikvision WiFi DoorBell provides are even better than its competition. Additionally, Video DoorBell supports live viewing and recording to device SD Card without monthly subscriptions which can be deciding factor when purchasing Video DoorBell. Therefore CCTV integration that allows device to connect to Hikvision CCTV Recorder makes it great and expandable choice for every home user considering having CCTV.

Hikvision WiFi Video DoorBell

Installation & 3 Years Warranty included

Wired Solutions

  • Home Network Design
  • CAT5E, CAT6 Data Cabling
  • Data Sockets
  • BT Sockets, Land Line
  • Home Multimedia Servers
  • Home Automation

Wireless Solutions

  • WiFi Routers, Expanders
  • WiFi Long Range Links
  • Wireless Network Issues
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