The Importance of CCTV installations –

A CCTV (Closed-circuit Television) security system is the most cost-effective way to provide security in any city, from businesses to private homes.

Crimes can be brought to a minimal with CCTV security or video surveillance systems.
They prove themselves as the best form of investment as soon as they are installed. They provide a full view of your premises and real-time recording as well as remote online access by security agents. This lowers the risks and prevents costly incidents such as burglary, fire vandalism, etc.

England is facing a national security crisis because front-line police are being cash-starved. Luton has the third worst gun crime statistics and the fifth for knife robbery. Councils, law enforcement agencies and security management in Luton rely heavily on CCTV as a tool for fighting crime.


No business can exist or even grow without a safe and secure business environment. In the context of several security challenges existing today worldwide, CCTV installation in Luton is an absolute need in industrial, commercial and residential aspects of the city.

Crime is a national security threat affecting the town of Luton and this has made the police chief to plead with ministers for more government funding in an age of austerity. The police are now prepared for surprises from criminals. But not without the aid of security devices and surveillance systems such as intruder alarm and security alarm services. The need for CCTV cameras in Luton has increased in geometric progression over the past few years.

Intruder alarms have become a necessity for every home and business firm. In the past, there has been an instance where CCTV prevented crime and even helped in detecting the culprit. The CCTV record of the scene of any crime has been of immense help to the police at Luton to use the footage and release photos and videos of the culprit to the public.


A picture or video record of the suspect can make a huge difference when it comes to making an arrest and getting dangerous criminals off the street.

There are known cases where CCTV or Alarm Equipment was low quality or installed by non-professionals often it led to not getting compensation from the insurance companies or not even revealing crucial details.
That is why it is important to choose only original equipment and certified installers.
A very common practice used by online markets and big retailers is placing wrong information about the product on the box, that makes a customer think they have full HD system which is really far from HD quality. This painful mistake its usually discovered too late after system installation.
– that is almost impossible to return after use.


Recent reports bring us to the subject of dishonest installers who do not provide original equipment nor warranty. Cheap copies available widely online is a huge issue. Please be aware this kind of products won’t be supported by the manufacturer and even if equipment online features are working right after installation you have no guarantee it will work in future. Also, inner parts like optics and lenses are different quality in Chinese copies. That leads to a blurry picture and overall lower picture quality. It gives a bad name to the brand as original products are the best quality on the market.

Overall Hikvision brand has been installed at many Police Stations, Schools and other public places. It gives you peace of mind that just in case of intrusion UK compliant equipment won’t let you down when you need it most.

DC solutions is a security company that offers expert CCTV installation in Luton and skilled security services with a free honest consultation about your security measures.
Therefore we specialise in the fast and quick installation of Wired, Wireless and intruder alarm security systems. In addition, if you need your old alarm system upgrades, removal or taking over. DC Solution is your sure bet if you live or do business in Luton.

Statistics have also shown that a well-lit environment is less susceptible to crime or stealing attempts.

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